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I am not a hobbyist golf teacher. I am a professional coach rounded in all facets of coaching, utilizing technology, understanding the influence of anatomy, helping you learn to practice, mental coaching and finally, demonstrating the influence club fitting has on your swing. I present complex information in simple to understand terms and help you understand how it applies to you. I am for golfers that are serious about setting realistic goals for long-term gains. I am for anyone who has a growth mind-set, ready to enter a creative, learning environment. Stop here and return to YouTube if that's not you.

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New Client Evaluation

I need to know you to grow you!

If you are serious about finally taking that next step to improve your golf game, don't hesitate and click below. I am excited to team up with you to develop your path to improvement.  Your evaluation gives me an understanding who you are, where your current skillset is at, the status of your physicality, your practice time allotment and your goals. This will allow me to make an informed diagnosis and deliver to you clear direction where to start your evolution.

Good practice
great results

how do you make lasting changes?

If you have ever taken a lesson, think back on and try to recall what was asked of you. What were the key details? How were you supposed to practice? Most likely you were told what to do at the end of the lesson and then completely lost at the range. At Evolution Golf Academy, you are given a lesson recap video so you know exactly what was the key focus of the lesson, a before and after comparison, and details on what to work on before your next lesson. I never leave you guessing. Another value of the lesson videos is they are yours to keep so you can always go back through your past sessions to keep your progression sharp. Click below to watch a sample video lesson review.

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& technology

why guess when you can measure!

Technology has given us fantastic tools of measurement. The information to the coach is highly complex but the message to the student doesn't have to be. To utilize technology to its' potential, the coach must be accurate in decoding the information, experienced enough to prioritize the elements, and deliver it in a clear and concise manner. At Evolution Golf Academy, I use  tech to validate my coaching strategies, not to make the student adapt to averages or "tour" models.


why does it apply to you?

Golf instruction in the past has failed you because most instruction tries to place you into a mold of a chosen model. I differ in that I study anatomy and biomechanics (the study of human movement) to maximize you abilities based upon your body and your current constraints. YouTube & social media platforms are a great source for information however, the person giving it assumes you are physically/neurologically capable of performing the task offered. If there is one constant I have learned in 20+ years of teaching, it's that no two people are the same in any regard.

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why have a process?

Every lesson with me follows a process. If I didn't adhere to it, lesson to lesson wouldn't have a progressive flow. If one lesson had a key focus, and the next jumped to a completely different subject without the first issue being resolved, you wouldn't progress to your potential. Your learning process starts with MEASURE, then we EVALUATE the information. From there TRAINING begins. After the lesson you PRACTICE and then EXECUTE your skills. You return and the process starts again.


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