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Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor incorporates 4 high speed cameras to obtain accurate club and ball data. I have coached with many launch monitors and find this to be the most accurate across the board. Its why you see so many PGA Tour players utilizing it on the range and course. Technology provides information that allows me to better diagnose and coach you. Additionally, it provides us with a starting point. If you don't know where you are at, its pretty difficult to decide where you are going. To just say you improve is one thing, having multiple platforms to back it up is another.


SwingCatalyst Balance Plate integrates live video capture with pressure mapping, vertical force measurement, swing tempo and launch monitor data. The Balance Plate brings a new level of information to the coaching equation allowing me to see what you cannot see otherwise. If you have every been told to shift your weight and wonder what is actually happening; I can tell you!


SwingCatalyst Coaching Software: Video comparison in multiple camera angles, Pressure Mapping to manage balance and weight shift, Vertical Force measurements (to optimizer timing for club speed delivery), Swing Tempo to make sure you understand what your best timing is, and finally Foresight GC Quad launch monitor integration so all the information and data can be compared as a whole and not its parts.



BLAST GOLF is an exceptional tool to assist in change and to manage when you are at your peak. I am a BLAST GOLF Ambassador and have used the product since prior to its introduction to the market. BLAST is also one of my favorite tools because the inexpensive cost allows you to purchase and train with it when I am not in front of you coaching with it.  Another one of my absolute favorite training tools is for your BRAIN! FOCUSBAND is an app-based EEG. In other words, it measures your brainwaves. By using this very simple, but effective feedback tool, we can optimize your mental state, fine tune a pre-shot routine and teach you how to reduce your stress on the course.

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