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**Once you have completed your evaluation, you begin your Monthly Coaching. 

Our Monthly Coaching plan consists of 2, 1-hour lessons per month. It was created to work for busy lifestyles with limited time, as well as for the most dedicated practicing golfer. It's purpose helps you in two ways: 1) If you are unable to practice after your session, the information is not so distant that next session cannot pick up from the previous. 2) If you were able to get quality practice in after your previous session, you are ready to make sure you are still in line with the prescription and are ready to advance.  If you have completed your 2 hourly sessions, you can add-on hourly sessions at the discounted hourly rate noted. 












If you have completed your evaluation and would like to start booking your coaching sessions, please click the link below to join our membership. There are no membership fees or obligations but you will need to be a site member to access the booking calendar and pay for your sessions. If you need to book your Evaluation, click the link below.

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Click finger.png

* Must be 17 or under to qualify as a JUNIOR

* You MUST complete the 2 monthly sessions with-in 30-days of purchase.

*You MUST complete the 2, 1-hr monthly sessions to qualify for the ADD-ON rate.

* Add-on session rate can only be applied in the calendar month of completed monthly sessions.


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